Municipal Broadband Coalition of America

Why Municipal Broadband?

Every year, the companies that currently provide our internet, phone, and television services generate billions of dollars in revenue from us. They use their exclusive control of infrastructure to set terms that benefits themselves at the expense of everyone that needs their services.

By building and owning the infrastructure ourselves, a concept known as municipal broadband, we can set terms that benefit ourselves and our neighbors. Over the long term, municipal broadband has significantly lower costs and provides greater access than commercial offerings. Our neighbors most in need, those that are excluded from broadband internet due to lack of availability or high prices today, stand to reap some of the greatest rewards from municipal broadband.

The companies that currently extract so much revenue from us will not willingly give up that revenue. They will will use some of their vast profits to try to persuade us, our families, our friends, our neighbors, and our elected representatives that publicly-owned infrastructure is a bad idea.

Municipal Broadband Coalition of America (MBCoA) is uniquely positioned to combat these powerful corporations. MBCoA's domain experts focus on public education and advocacy for community-owned internet access. MBCoA works with local and regional governments to create resilient strategies for bringing telecommunications services into their jurisdictions. Municipal broadband, when properly implemented, offers at least a tenfold return on investment into local economies while also ensuring digital equity for all community members.

Municipal Broadband Coalition of America
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